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Watch Your Bitcoins Multiply

Rocketpot is a Bitcoin casino game. Place a bet and watch your bitcoins multiply! Cash out anytime to get your bet multiplied by that multiplier - but make sure to do it before the rocket crashes.


Hunt the Jackpots

Every round brings you the chance to win one of the jackpots! If the rocket doesn’t crash before the 75x multiplier you have a chance to win the jackpot regardless whether you cashed out before or not.


Roll the Dice

Our new Dice game gives you the possibility to place streaks of bets with super fast outcomes. Choose a number that you predict the dice roll will land - over or under - place a wager and see if you won!


Level Up to Unlock Rewards

Every bet placed on Rocketpot counts as experience points towards levelling up. Each level unlocks a prize chest for you that contains guaranteed rewards. The chests are provably fair and the prizes values increase with every level, culminating with guaranteed Lamborghini at the end of your journey!


Play With Friends

Play with friends in real-time & see who can HODL the longest! All the players participate in the same live round and can see how they fared against each other on the leaderboard.


Bet on the House

You can also multiply your bitcoin by investing in the Rocketpot bankroll! By participating in the bankroll - which is used to pay out winning players - you essentially bet on the house, giving you a % of the house profits. Because Rocketpot’s risk management policy includes adjusting for the Kelly criterion, a larger bankroll enables us to increase the maximum bet.


Security (Nerd Alert!)

Provably Fair

Rocketpot is a provably fair bitcoin gambling game. It’s a win-win because the players know the house can’t cheat and the house gains confidence that all wins are legitimate! Click here for more information on our provably fair system.

Multisig Cold Storage

The majority of the funds are securely held in cold storage with keys held by multiple signatories, making it considerably safer against hacks, theft or otherwise loss.

To the moon with Rocketpot’sBitcoin Casino Crash Game

Welcome to RocketPot, the best Bitcoin Casino Crash Game online!

Fasten your seat belts and countdown to liftoff. Try your luck as you clear the skies on a quest for Bitcoin rewards! And then watch moments later as the rockets go out in a crash of bountiful explosions!

In the past few years, bitcoin games have steadily become one of the most popular online applications for cryptocurrency use. Players are greeted by a streamlined gambling experience that avoids much of the hassle of traditional online casinos, while allowing instead for an array of great features that enhance play. The best bitcoin casinos use provably fair algorithms (powered by blockchain technology) to guarantee that the results of every game are completely random, thus guaranteeing that every result is fair and verifiable.
Whereas most online casinos look to replicate the real world experience with virtual live dealer games and traditional table games (such as blackjack, baccarat, roulette, and slots), more recent offerings have also introduced exciting new games for specific use with cryptocurrencies. Rocketpot’s bitcoin crash game is one of these new such options and it enjoys many advantages that have helped it quickly become one of the most popular online BTC casino games. Players on this site benefit from provably fair algorithms, extremely fast deposits and withdrawals, and the comfort of playing in a venue that's licensed and regulated registered under an official Curacao gaming license. When you gamble here, you can simply enjoy an exhilarating game safe in the knowledge that the casino is officially governed, and that any bitcoin payment to/from the casino will be safe.
All in all, Rocketpot offers a fun and exciting way to increase your BTC holdings.

Getting Started with Rocketpot

Want to enjoy some outer space action?

Signing up to use Rocketpot’s online casino is an easy and streamlined process. You just need to click on thesign-up buttonfrom the drop down menu on the upper right corner of the screen, from then on you can then choose to join using a Google or Facebook account, or create a unique login using your email address.

Once you have created your account, you would just need to deposit BTC into your casino wallet in order to play and chat with other players. Fortunately, Rocketpot employs a fast and efficient deposit and withdrawal system that can help you get started as quickly as possible. Sometimes when you perform transfers to online cryptocurrency exchange wallets (or other similar websites), you may have to wait for many confirmations before the transaction shows up in your account. That is not the case when you play here, since Rocketpot only requires one confirmation before funds sent from your personal wallet become available for use within the casino. The whole process, from signing up, to starting your first game, can be completed within a couple of minutes. Once your BTC has been deposited, you are ready to go and start playing! Great ready for liftoff!
Rocketpot’s crash game is simple to understand, but challenging to master. Each game starts as the rocket ignites, and features an ever-rising multiplier. Every round, players stake BTC on a certain multiplier being reached, which can be anything from 1.1x to 1,000,000,000x (yes, that’s 1 billion times!) If your multiplier is reached before the game crashes, your stake will be multiplied by that amount. The smallest bet you can place on the game is 0.25mBTC, which is 0.25 thousandths of one bitcoin (0.00025BTC). So, if you choose a 2x multiplier and a 0.25 mBTC bet, you will receive 0.5mBTC if the multiplier rises above 2x before crashing. The bigger the multiplier you choose, the more you win. Of course, lower multipliers will be reached more frequently than higher ones. So the main challenge of Rocketpot’s bitcoin casino crash game is to strike the right balance between betting big and making a regular return payment.
Rocketpot also has a special jackpot rounds which are triggered when the multiplier rises above a certain point. Some players use a strategy of making a small multiplier bet each round (in hopes of receiving regular bitcoin payments from the casino game) and then strike it back with a lucky jackpot spin.

Hit the Jackpot Playing Rocketpot

RocketPot offers three different prizes to increase your chances to win big

These popular rewards are triggered once the multiplier reaches a corresponding threshold. The first jackpot round is triggered at 75x and is called the casino's Mini Jackpot. It is followed by the Major Jackpot, which gets triggered when the multiplier reaches 1,250x and the Mega Jackpot, which is triggered at 5,000x. Whenever an activation threshold is reached, one lucky player gets to spin the wheel for a chance to win a bitcoin jackpot!

The spinner is chosen at random and each participant has a chance of getting selected based on how much bitcoin they staked on that round. So, if there are three players, two stake 0.25mBTC, and the other stakes 0.5mBTC, then the first two players each have a 25% chance, while the player who staked 0.5mBTC has a 50% chance of being chosen during the casino jackpot round.
90% are the maximum odds that any given player can have of being selected for a spin. The lucky player then spins the wheel and will receive a fixed bitcoin prize if the wheel stops at a prize payment sector. You'll also find a big prize on each wheel which would be the Jackpot itself. All the Tiers we offer (The Mini, Major, and Mega), continually increase each game round until they are finally won. Once a player wins one of these rewards, their amounts will be reset to 0.001 BTC for the Mini Jackpot, 0.010 BTC for the Major Jackpot, and 0.030 BTC for the Mega Jackpot.
Please note that you can still win part of the big prize even if you’re not performing the spin.
How does this happen?
Whenever a bitcoin jackpot is won, it pays the player who spun the wheel 50% of the prize amount and the rest of the bitcoin payment is shared equally among other participants according to how much they staked on that round.

Why Use Rocketpot?

Rocketpot´s exclusively offers provably fair games which employ the use algorithms to determine outcomes, thus guaranteeing results are completely random and fair.

They are randomly generated prior to each game and they are based on hashes from the bitcoin ledger. The block for a hash is announced before the block is mined, ensuring that the numbers contained within the hash are completely random and verifiable.

You'll be glad to find that we also maintain a lower house edge than what most bitcoin casinos offer. We use a dynamic house edge that never rises above 1.5%, which gives RocketPot a very high return to player (RTP) rate for bets made on the site. This means that over time, 98.5% of all BTC bet amounts on RocketPot’s crash game will be returned to players. The exact house edge varies on each game as the amount bet and number of players contributing changes, but it will never exceed 1.5%.
Fast deposits to the Rocketpot wallet mean new users can enjoy an exciting gambling experience within minutes of making their first payment. Likewise, withdrawals are processed almost immediately much to our customer's delight.Our professional support team is available 24/7 if you ever need help to play our selection of games.
Jackpot rounds give all players an equal chance to win big relative to the amount they bet on each game round. If a jackpot is triggered, the jackpot payment is shared among all players. If a fixed prize amount is hit then the player who spun the wheel keeps the entire payment.
Players can use an auto cashout feature to automatically receive payment of their winnings once a certain multiplier has been reached. This is automatically set to 2500x but it can be changed by the player at any time during the game.
Unlike other bitcoin casinos, Rocketpot is officially licensed and regulated under a certified Curacao gaming license.
We accept player sign-ups from any country, including American users.
Deposit Bonuses are available and can be seen on the drop down menu while logged in.


How long do withdrawals take?

Rocketpot aims to make withdrawals to your personal wallet as fast as possible while maintaining security. When you initiate a withdrawal, you’ll be sent a confirmation email. Click the link and your withdrawal of your crash game BTC funds will be processed immediately.

How often are jackpots triggered?

Jackpots are triggered whenever the multiplier reaches the listed threshold. Due to the game being completely random, this can happen at any time. The jackpot amounts are reset after being won.

Can I make a payment to RocketPot's casino wallet using other cryptocurrencies (e.g. LTC, Ethereum, etc.)?

No. The only payment currency accepted for Rocketpot's casino game is bitcoin.

Did You Know?

— The first online casino opened in 1994. By 2018, the online casino industry was worth over $50 billion.

— The biggest online casino payout in 2019 was €4,333,667.97. This sum went to the lucky winner of a Mega Fortune Dreams slot game.